Iowa Healthy Child Development Initiative

Early Identification and Intervention for Children At Risk of Disabilities

The Center for Disabilities and Development partners with the Iowa Medicaid Enterprise to educate primary health care providers to provide state-of-the-art developmental surveillance, screening, referral, and intervention for young children birth to age five. Training is provided in identification of social-emotional risk factors in the young child and detection of parental risk factors that may affect the child’s development, as well as more traditional development problems including autism.

The primary target audience for these educational sessions includes pediatricians, family physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

Educational sessions are offered in the classroom, at practice sites, to multiple practices within a geographic area and through health association conferences. Recently, CDD has added an online training component to the program, offering three modules, available to the public at no cost at Iowa Healthy Child Development.

Orientation to Contemporary Child Health Care in Iowa
by Steven Wolfe, MD, and Alfred Healy, MD

Healthy Social, Emotional and Behavioral Development
by Scott Lindgren, PhD, and Alfred Healy, MD

Autism: Screening, Treatment and Vaccine Controversy
by Nate Noble, DO, and Royann Mraz, MD

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