Disability Exchange

A Podcast from Iowa's University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities

Centering and Elevating the Voices of People with Disabilities through Meaningful Conversation and Connection

Disability Exchange logoThe Disability Exchange podcast is produced and presented by the University Center for Excellence in Disabilities, Iowa’s UCEDD, at the Center Disabilities and Development, with podcast episodes available on the Anchor by Spotify platform. Join UCEDD staff and podcast co-hosts, Mike Hoenig, Caitlin Owens, and Judy Warth, for this exciting new series.

The co-hosts have been working in collaboration with staff from the Midwestern Public Health Training Center, University of Iowa College of Public Health, to launch the new podcast series.  People can search for “Disability Exchange” (DX) wherever they get their podcasts, and find links to a variety of other platforms on the DX Anchor page. The podcast is not yet available on Apple podcasts.  

Download transcripts of the podcasts:

PDF iconEpisode 1 - A Lifetime of Advocacy with Mike Hoenig

PDF iconEpisode 2 - One Step at a Time with Joey Wesselink

PDF iconEpisode 3 - Finding A Voice with Ed Esbeck

PDF iconEpisode 4 - Journey to Independence with Kelsey Mcvey

PDF iconEpisode 5 - Never Give Up with Melanie Davis

PDF iconEpisode 6 - Grassroots Disability Advocacy and Organizing with Jenn Wolff

PDF iconEpisode 7 - Living with Acquired Disability and Advocating for Change with Michael Penniman

PDF iconEpisode 8 - Disability Rights Advocacy with Zach Mecham

PDF iconEpisode 9 - Beyond the Diagnosis with Cat Hafsi

PDF icon​Episode 10 - Disability Awareness and The Importance of Faith with Joel Vander Molen

PDF iconEpisode 11 - Parents of Children with Special Needs and a Fight for Diagnosis with Catherine Hahn

PDF iconEpisode 12 - Lived Experience As An Advocacy Tool with Kris Graves

PDF iconEpisode 13 - Disability and Academia with Cassandra Olmstead

PDF iconEpisode 14 - People First - Reflection on Race and Disability with Jeffrey Johnston

PDF iconEpisode 15 - Down Syndrome is Cool with Sydney and Kelly Von Lehmden & Tyler Green Tribute

PDF iconEpisode 16 - Change Comes From You with Brady Werger

PDF iconEpisode 17 - The Importance of Sharing Your Story with Rob Roozeboom

PDF icon​Episode 18 - Living with An Invisible Disability with Nathan Albano

PDF iconEpisode 19 - Everyone Gets A Chance with Binh Nguyen

PDF icon​Episode 20 - Some Silver Linings with Greg Fier

PDF iconEpisode 21 - Photography is My Passion with Geoffrey Mikol and Ann Cameron Williams

PDF iconEpisode 22 - Being a Human Doing Instead of a Human Being with Ron Wright

PDF icon​Episode 23 - From Nursing Home to Living in the Community with Michael Martin

PDF icon​Episode 24 - The Importance of Learning from Other People with Kristen Aller


For more information and questions, get in touch with Mike Hoenig by email at michael-hoenig@uiowa.edu.